Mustang Island State Park

It’s been a while since the last blog post. That’s because we haven’t gone anywhere.   It’s just too hot in Central Texas for camping. However, we couldn’t let Labor Day weekend pass without taking out the rig.  We camped at Mustang Island State Beach.Mustang Island-85

We arrived on Thursday before the holiday weekend rush and had the beach to ourselves. The campground is just a row of spots with the dunes to protect you from the constant wind, but it was clean and quiet.Mustang Island-120

Surprisingly, there were spots open all weekend – never filled up. We took a drive on the beach in Port Aransas.Mustang Island-108

Mustang Island-107 Our nav verified we were On the Bch.

As we were exploring Port A we came upon a fishing pier with some pretty tame pelicans.Mustang Island-49

Mustang Island-52

And a blue heron in flight.Mustang Island-14

It started to rain so we continued our explorations in the Jeep.  As we watched this tanker come into the ship channel, Mary Lou noticed dolphins riding the bow wave.  You have to look closely!Mustang Island-78

I blew it up as much as I could to prove it was really there.Mustang Island-78-2

Mustang Island-115
Mary Lou and Chloe

Mostly we hung out at the beach.  That’s what you do there.   The water is really warm.  Nothing like the chilly So Cal beaches we’re use to.Mustang Island-103

Mustang Island-119
Sunset over the rigs

That’s all for now.  Heading to Colorado soon.  Watch for the posts!