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Mike & mary Lou Yancey
Mike & Mary Lou Yancey

We are a near-retirement couple considering full-time RV’ing.  To test this out before we make the plunge, we recently bought a travel trailer (see Our Rig) and are going to take it on the road and have some fun!  We have owned two RVs in the past when our boys were children, but they’re all grown up now.    Our plan, or our currently prevailing scenario (there have been many versions), is to vacation camp with our trailer for 2 years, then if all goes well, sell the house, move up to a full-time capable RV and see the world!   The longest trip we have taken in the past with one of our previous RVs was 2 months – with the boys and our golden retriever.  We had a blast.

We currently live in the Austin Texas area after moving from California in 2010.  We love Texas and have no plans of ever moving back, although we surely will visit when we can.  We are Escapee members (115252) and plan to attend some of their rallies.   We ‘re going to share our rediscovery of RV’ing with you and we hope you’ll provide us with advice and insight as we go along.

At a motivational presentation a while back given by an adventurer, when asked why did he the things he did – climb mountains, explore the Amazon, etc., he said “I refuse to live an uninteresting life”.   We’ve adopted this as our motto.


About Mary Lou

ML at art shoe
Mary Lou at the Lakeway Painters art show

Mary Lou has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember; starting with finger paintings and paint by number sets.  She majored in Art and Music at Glendale College and also studied at UCLA extension in Los Angeles.  Marriage, career and children put artistic creations on the back burner, but she always managed to catch a class here and there over the years.  An especially wonderful one called portraiture was particularly inspiring.  She loves to capture the spirit of her subject.  Recently, she joined The Lakeway Painters in Lakeway, Texas and has received inspiration from this talented group of fellow artists.  Her passion for faces has led her to begin specializing in animal portraits.  Tigers are some of her favorite subjects.  She also has enjoyed capturing the essence of family pets. “It is a fun and exciting experience to really capture the spirit of the animal.”


Mary Lou lives with her husband of over 40 years and is an active kayaker and traveler.

Mary Lou in Port Aransas


About Mike

Mike with Chloe
Mike with Chloe

I like to go – anywhere, and I’ll go anywhere once.  If I’ve never been there, then that’s a reason to go.  I get bored easily so I’m always up for doing something – hiking, fishing, photography, kayaking, drinking (yes, it is an activity), exploring, socializing, camping, skiing, boating, sightseeing, vacationing.  I’ve owned motorcycles and flown airplanes.

I’m tired of home ownership and the endless maintenance it requires.  It’s been good, but I’m done with it.  I’ve gotten up and driven to work every day for 40 years and I’m done with that too, well almost.  The thought of full-timing after retirement was actually Mary Lou’s idea, but I embraced it quickly.  I have read every word written by Howard from RV-Dreams  and John in Oh, The Places They Go!.  They have been my inspiration both for full-time RV’ing and for writing this blog.

It’s time to go have fun!   I hope we see you on the road.

9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Mike, your paragraph about home ownership and work sums it all up. We are right there with you. We retired this year and sold the house….we do not miss that life one bit.

    Suggestion: attend an educational rally put on by Howard and Lida. We did, and we loved it.

    Best of luck and we hope to meet you out there!

    Diana and Jim


  2. We started like you part-time and after a 4 month RV trip we needed to return home to tend to the yard. Within 5 minutes after pulling into the driveway we decided to go full-time. There are times I miss having a ‘home base’ but the thought passes quickly. Happy trails.


  3. so nice to read your blog. I will look forward to reading about your many adventures. good luck and keep in touch!
    Donna O


  4. My husband and I just bought our first RV, and although we are far from retirement, we are looking to spend as much time as we can in it! Our little 3 year old son loves it too, he even has his own bunk! (My husband said the one thing our RV HAD to have was bunks for our son!)

    We are headed to Goose Island State Park in August, and although I’ve read the good, the bad, and the ugly, we are still looking forward to it.

    I enjoyed your blog!! What a cool way to retire! We will keep that in mind when it comes the time for us!!



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