Winslow on the Shire

We travelled to Pagosa Springs for Mary Lou to attend an art class. We all stayed at Winslow on the Shire just outside of town. It’s an amazing facility. It has 11 bedrooms on 4 floors. It’s furnished in sort of Victorian funky, but it’s quite nice.

Pagosa Springs-453

Here’s the view from the kitchen window with the San Juan mountains in the distance.

Pagosa Springs-1
Not a bad view
Pagosa Springs-3
Horses grazing right out back

We spent the first day in Pagosa Springs, including the balloon festival. (see previous post). On Monday morning, the artists got to work.

Pagosa Springs-426
Art class in progress

They painted in the mornings and we had afternoons free to venture out. Pagosa Springs is a beautiful place. The river flows right through town.

Pagosa Springs-30
Pagosa River

When we were there, the aspens were justing starting to show their fall colors.

Pagosa Springs-333
Aspens among the pines
Pagosa Springs-327
Young aspen up close

During class I took slipped out to see Chimney Rock National Monument, which is nearby.

Pagosa Springs-387
Chimney Rock

Here’s some of Mary Lou’s finished work from the class.

Pagosa Springs-447
Pagosa Springs-456











Pagosa Springs-445
The Girl in the Chair

It was a great week.  We all had a good time.  We visited Carlsbad Caverns on the way home and it was great, but I didn’t take photos – just enjoyed.

That’s all for now. We have another trip planned, so stay tuned.

Balloon Ascension – Pagosa Springs, CO

September found us in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Our first adventure was the balloon ascension.  We had to get there at 7:00-ish if we wanted to watch the balloons getting inflated, so we did.

Getting ready
Getting ready

They started by laying out the balloon on a ground cloth, then attaching the basket.

Here's the basket
Here’s the basket

Next they use big fans to fill it with air.

Filling with air
Filling with air

Once it’s pretty full they carefully use the burner on the basket to begin heating it. Before you know it, it’s upright and ready to go.

And they're off
And they’re off

There were 26 balloons on a crystal clear and, at ground level, windless morning.

Off they go
Off they go

Evidently, as part of a balloonist’s skill test, they try to dip in the river. You’d think they drift off but there was no wind as long as they didn’t go up too high.

Dipping in the river
Dipping in the river
Dipping in the river
More dipping

Finally, a few of them rose high enough that they began to float away and their recovery teams jumped in their trucks and headed off.

Floating away
Floating away

It was an interesting morning and great for taking photos.   We’re in Pagosa Springs for Mary Lou to take an art class next week.   Watch for the next post….

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