Our Cameras

I occasionally get asked what camera I use to capture the images on this blog.  I actually have 4.  Yep – 4.  But each has it’s purpose.

This is my serious photography camera. It’s a Canon 60D with a Sigma DC 17-70 zoom lens. It’s takes great photos limited mostly, in my case, by the skill of the photographer.  I have other lenses, but use this one the most. I always shoot in RAW mode and process in Lightroom thereafter.

Canon 60D

Pros:  Takes great shots

Cons:  Camera and lens weigh a ton. Either it’s on my Blackrapid strap and I have to hold it with one hand while I walk to keep it from banging around or it’s in my backpack where I have to retrieve it to take a shot. Here’s a few shots with the 60D.

Mary Lou Lunch at The Window D-118
Lunch at The Window – Big Bend National Park

The top sunset photo was also taken at Big Bend.

Shrimp Boats 7
Shrimp Boats – Ft Myers, Florida
Holcombs Fishing at Sunrise
Morning Fishing – Lake Powell

This is my newest camera. I wanted something to take hiking that still gave me the creativity of a digital SLR without the weight. It had to be able to shoot RAW. This is a Canon G7 X. I’ve only had it a few weeks.  It has a 100mm zoom lens and a 20 MPix chip. I carry it in my pocket.

Canon G7 X

The lens retracts completely into the camera body and is covered when the camera is off.  Here’ my best shot with the G7 X so far of the Frio river.

Garner SP-46
Frio river – Garner State Park, Texas

Since we love to kayak and since many of our best shots are taken from the water, we have a waterproof camera. This is our second waterproof camera, the first being somewhat less waterproof than advertised.   😦 It’s an Olympus Tough TG-3 and we’re pretty happy with it. Takes good pix and we’ve had no issues with it so far. Why, you might ask, was this camera not good enough to be your hiking camera? Two reasons: It can’t shoot RAW and it doesn’t have a long enough lens.

Olympus TG-3

Mary Lou gets the photo cred’s for 99% of all the shots taken from the water.  She sits up front and does a great job.  Here’s some of her best shots.

Roseatte spoonbill – Port Aransas, Texas


Canoeing down the Rio Grande – Big Bend National Park


Near Devil’s Waterhole – Inks Lake State Park, Texas

See the post for more of her photos at Inks Lake.

iPhone 5s

But, as all photographers know, the best camera is the one you have in your hand.   Neither of us are ever without our iPhones and you can sometimes get some pretty good shots.  Here’s one Mary Lou took while we were hiking in the Hill Country Natural Area with her iPhone.


As always we welcome your comments.


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