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Inks Lake-44

We have a newly acquired Passport 2400BH travel trailer which we tow with a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with the eco-diesel engine.  We use a Blue Ox Sway Pro 750 hitch and a Tecumseh  P3 brake controller.   In the limited amount of towing I done so far, I’m getting around 15 mpg – not bad at all.   The Passport has an dry weight of 4702 lbs, a dry hitch weight of 400 lbs and a GVWR of 6800 lbs.   The JGC has a tow rating of 7200 lbs and a max tongue weight of 700 lbs.  Even loaded I should be okay weight-wise.   It’s a little long for a short wheel base JGC, so I’ll be watching sway real close,

12/12/2014 Update: On our first trip of 110 miles to Inks Lake actual mileage was 13.8 mpg.  Had no issues climbing or descending hills.  Felt every big truck that passed us.  I guess that the way it will be.

2/22/2015 Update:  I added a kit to the water pump to allow me to suck in RV water system antifreeze without any additional plumbing work.  I had to use it for the second time this morning as temps are headed into the 20’s overnight next week.   Sure makes it easy.

Anti-freeze kit


6/3/2015 Update:   We’ve had our Passport now for 6 months.   Not a single warranty issue.  Knock on wood.


11 thoughts on “Our Rig”

  1. Hi.
    I’m thinking to buy the same TT but I have a BMW X5 as TV.
    How the TT is doing?
    Anything to watch before pulling it out of the dealer parking lot ?

    Best Wishes !



    1. The Jeep tows the Passport 2400BH pretty well. It’s well within the weight capacity but a little long for a short wheelbase Jeep. We towed it in a 18 mph crosswind and it jerked us around a little. Nothing dangerous, but startled me a couple of times. We added the electric tongue jack and I advise you to do so as well. So far we’re pleased. We’ve had no punch-list items at all.


    2. Ricardo, did you ever get the BMW X5? We just bought one and have a Keystone Bullet TT. Was wondering how the BMW did as the TV?




      1. Hi Brad, Yes I have the X5 since Late 2013, mine is a 2006 model (E53).
        I haven’t bought a TT yet.
        I tested some other (used) cars that I thought would be na option for TV, like the Dodge Durango, which have a higher stated towing capacity than the X5 but honestly I felt the X5 is way more a “town vehicle” than the Durango.
        I completely understand and agree with someone’s statement that the X5 rides “on rails”.

        We went to check the Passport 2400bh on a passport dealer a couple of weeks ago and besides the fact we found the construction quality superior ( I really like the aluminum frame and the opportunity to close the doors of the main badroom) my wife didn’t like the bunk beds.
        We have 3 kids and they are tall.
        The bunk beds on the 2400bh are more like one adult and one little kid since one side of the bed is cut short on the lenght….
        So for now our option got back to Jayco 26BH, which in my view has an inferior contruction quality but the bunk beds can accomodate better two 5 and above people.
        How do you like the Bullet?


  2. Thanks for the info please keep the updates coming. We are looking at purchasing the same PP 2400 BH TT and towing it with our ’14 Hemi Durango.


  3. We really like the Keystone Bullet. It too has the bunk-beds in the back and a nice size queen in the front. It’s just myself, wife, and 10 yo boy so it meets our needs. We just bought the 2015 BMW X5 and I am still not sold on whether or not it is going to be a good TV. My wife’s previous suv was a Lexus GX470 and it towed it quite nice. The TT weighs, unloaded, around 4400lbs with hitch weight of 475 lbs. We will see. I have been looking over these forums for advice and people who have towed with an X5. Trying to subside my fears.


  4. I don’t know if you saw this : http://www.xoutpost.com/bmw-sav-forums/x5-e53-forum/640-x5-towing-capabilities-31-airstream.html .
    I also talked in florida with a couple that was towing na Airstream with a Lexus 350… They said that they had no problem and pointed me to the Can Am guys (http://www.canamrv.ca/) that have a ton of experience in towing vehicles etc. And said the X5 is a “tank” for towing….
    The 26BH I’m looking at is 4600 lbs with a tong weight of 470 lbs….



  5. I have a 14 hemi and am looking at a trailer of equivalent weight and length . are you still good with this being your tv ? do you think the hemi would do as well as your diesel ?


  6. I tow an 8.5 X 22 livin lite toy hauler with my 2013 JGC overland 4X4 Ql. I estimate it weighs in around 6200 fully loaded with water fuel and quads. So far so good, but we want to upgrade to a side by side as we get older. That would put the weight around 6744. I ready to but concerned about long trips with the extra weight 🤠


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